Can Any Cosmetic Dentists/related Estimate (Possible Crown Lengthening)? (photo)

I met a cosmetic dentist back in April of last year, and he assured me that my gumline was reducible but added that my mouth needed treatment and needed time to heal first. I spent about two hours in the office and I comfortably answered their questions for the most part, but I have two or three stuck with me in retrospect: 1. Estimating in (mm), how much more of each visible tooth do you think can be lengthened? 2. Is a total of $2400 a reasonable price for this procedure?

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Crown lengthening ?

If your really having crown lengthening then it is impossible to do just one tooth... If really having crown lengthening then the dentist removes soft tissue and bone!!! sometimes we as dentist talk about crown lengthening and we are just removing the soft tissue not bone... Two different procedures different outcomes and cost. Make sure you know what your actually getting you ideally would want all the gum tissue to have the same height  and contour so all the teeth appear look correct! The gum line is the curtain and the teeth are the actors and actress they should work together. good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC

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Possible Crown Lengthening

Without taking careful measurements with a periodontal probe, and with bone sounding, there is no way to say exactly how many mm your gums can be raised. However, from your photos, it appears as though some of the crowns (enamel) of your teeth are overly covered with gingiva. I would predict approximately 2-3mm of tissue removal at the very least. As far as cost, they vary tremendously throughout the country.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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