Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

My teeth and gums are in very good condition but are unattractive in several ways: color, bad orthodontic decisions (a tooth was extracted because it was out of line and rotated resulting in a small arch with already small teeth--giving my mouth a sunken appearance), and "fan-shaped" teeth. What options are available to improve my smile. This would be about 98% cosmetic. I have a tooth missing in my upper jaw for which the recommended treatment is a bridge, and a sensitive lower jaw tooth.

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Veneers and Implant

There are a few very important diagnostic steps that need to be completed prior to determining treatment.  Each patient's treatment varies depending on those factors.  From the information you have given us, it is very difficult to assess exactly what is necessary to  address your concerns.  However, it seems that you may be able to address your concerns with cosmetic dentistry such as veneers or crowns.  For the missing tooth, you may consider an implant instead of the bridge, if you have enough space for implant placement.  Implants generally help preserve adjacent teeth and give you ability to floss between teeth, where bridges require cutting down adjacent teeth and result in difficulty in flossing.  Also, sensitivity can be caused by several different conditions and treatment may vary.  If sensitivity is due to gum recession, then you may want to see a board-certified periodontist for a possible gum graft.


Dr. Aalam

Los Angeles Dentist

My gums and teeth are good but need cosmetic options ?

I suggest you consider digital photos and a computer mock up so you can see what your smile will look like before you start... You can also have upper and lower impression done and a diagnositc wax up on the models for your review in most cases there would be charge for this service good luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD  CEO Baystate Dental PC.

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for You

Ideal treatment for every patient is a completely individual situation.  Only after your case has been studied with cosmetic consultation, bite evaluation, x-rays, models, etc., can a proper course of action be determined for you.  Do your research before finding a cosmetic dentist and make sure you get a few opinions.  Good luck!

Charles Nottingham, DDS, FAGD
Fort Lauderdale Dentist
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Bioesthetic Dentistry can be the solution

You will need to have a consultation with a dentist to evaluate your xrays, bite and jaw. I practice bioesthetic dentistry which is beauty of living things in their natural form and function. I recommend you see a dentist with such expertise so you won't have future programs such as TMD. 

Martin Gorman, DDS
Encino Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry can help you

First of all you need evaluation with your dentist who has expertise with cosmetics. We usually get all the records(photos,xrays, impressions etc) and try to understand your goals and desires so that we can help you achieve those with best quality and outcome.

Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

You have not submitted any photos or X-rays, so it is impossible to even begin answering your question. Have a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Improve My Smile?

When you are discontent with your smile, you don't smile much. When you feel great about your smile, you smile ALL the time and those around you perceive you as happy or attractive.

You describe a number of things about your smile that are out of alignment. More than likely, porcelain veneers can create what you are looking for. The art of this is to find the right cosmetic dentist. You should have a conversation about exactly what you imagine the final look should be. I would take some photos and then we would make a computer simulation so we both could react to the same illustration of a result. Then we would refine what you think you want, and what I think would look great on you.

After that, a wax design would be made and then we would make temporary plastic veneers. You would test drive those for a week or so. Then we would meet again and discuss what other improvements to incorporate.

Once the final veneers go on you will be amazed!

To get a result you really love, the key is to find the right cosmetic dentist. 

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