Are Cosmetic Dentistry Fangs Permanent?

Can they be removed later? Or do they need to be capped to restore a normal tooth shape?

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Fangs for your Canine Teeth

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If you are having "fangs" placed for halloween, which is quickly approaching, you are not alone.  I get requests this time of year for the vampire look to go along with a costume in order to get as real a look as possible.  Generally a dentist can make these out of a composite bonding material and place them directly over your permanent teeth without doing any preparation or any irreversible damage.  If they are done well, you will need to come back to your dentist in order to have them popped off and the tooth underneath cleaned up and polished.  As long as your canine teeth are healthy you should not need any type of cap or crown to replace the bonding when it is removed.   

If you are looking for the most authentic transylvanian look, go for it. 

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