Looking to Correct Occlusal Problems with Molars?

Over the years, with fillings and some crown work...my molars no longer touch without my front teeth pounding each other. I have read and seen on tv that a form of adjustment cosmetic(ly)dentistry can acheive proper occlusal as well actually giving a more youthful appearnace to the lower face. How do I find such a dentist and hwo do I relay my request more easily? Terms??

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How to correct occlusal problems with molars

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Front teeth should NOT be pounding each other when your molars touch. This will result in dangerous wear, fractures and mobility with eventual loss of teeth. What's even worse is the severity of pounding that is occuring at night while you are sleeping. The "pounding" pressure in your sleep is 10-100 fold the force while you are awake! Neuromuscular Dentists are very well trained in this subject. You can search the internet for a Neuromuscular Dentist, and you can find further information on Neuromuscular Occlusion by searching for "LVIglobal" or LVIdocs" .

New York Dentist

Your Bite (Occlusion) is really important

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Your bite/occlusion (the way your upper and lower teeth come together) are very important for the overall health of your jaw joints and all of your teeth. Teeth that are worn out excessively can lead to fractured teeth, pain, and tooth loss.  That that are abnormally worn down may also decrease your 'vertical dimension' which can cause sagging of the lips/ skin surrounding the mouth leading to a more aged appearance.

The first step would be a thorough examination and diagnosis to find out the type of malocclusion you have and the cause of it.  From there a treatment plan can be formulated to resolve the malocclusion and restore you back to proper form, function and appearance.

I hope this helps.

-Dr. Palani

Giri Palaniswamy, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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