What Cosmetic Dental Procedure Would I Have to Undergo to Gain a Perfect Smile? (photo)

What kind of braces would produce the fastest result? Also I wish to reduce the size of the two front teeth, how can this be best done? I have had a design of how my teeth may look after treatment, however I am not happy with this, as the two front teeth are still big and the bottom of the teeth are bigger than the top (width). Is it possible to get a better result. Thanks I really need some advice on this.

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What procedure will result in a great looking smile

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You have a few issues. Narrow arch, midline off centered, lots of spacing, and ill proportioned teeth size. You first need orthodnotics, then full arch veneer/ crown restorations. Based on the after ortho result , you can get a better idea of your future smile with veneers. At this time, you are simply guessing your smile design. And always remember, cosmetic dentist can do so much with what they are given to start with  . Good Luck.

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Orthodontics combined with veneers would give you good results

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Based on the photos, it looks like there is too much spacing to create appropriately sized teeth. Othodontics would level and align the arches and consolidate the spaces. Invisalign may work as well. Prior to finishing the orthodontics impressions and a diagnostic wax-up should be done to see if the spacing and teeth possitions are correct. This will show you how the teeth will look on a model of your mouth.

Finally veneers will give you the ideal tooth shape, size, and color. Not sure what is going on with your left canine. Is this fractured? Is it a baby tooth? This may need a dental implant.

As far as the front teeth, they look big to you because the laterals are very small. The front teeth should be larger than the laterals by a ratio called the golden proportion. front tooth  1.618, lateral 1.0, canine 0.618 as viewed from the front. The front tooth ideal size is 10-11mm long with a width to length radio of 75% to 80%. This means about 8mm wide. Obviously there are variations depending on person's height and face shape.

Also, teeth are not meant to be square, so it is normal for the teeth to be slightly narrower at the gum line and wider towards the edges.

Hope this helps

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
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What Are My Options For A Perfect Smile?

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I think that the most ideal treatment for your situation would require a combination of orthodontics (braces) and porcelain veneers.  Orthodontics would correct your narrow upper arch and midline discrepancy.  Braces would set the teeth in a great position so that you could have a fantastic smile makeover where the teeth would look natural and proportionate.  Find a great orthodontist and cosmetic dentist and you will be well on your way.  Good luck.

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