Cosmetic Bonding Maintenance? Does it Damage Enamel?

I am considering getting cosmetic bonding on several teeth. I would like to know when comes time for replacement if any enamel gets ground off in the process of removing old cosmetic chair side bonding, or is the bonding material softer than enamel in which the tool to take the bonding off does not grind off enamel?

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What happens when you placed bonding to the enamel

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When bonding front teeth we normally roughen the enamel to get a better bond, once that needs to be remove we can normally remove the bonding without touching the enamel

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Cosmetic Bonding Does Not Damage Enamel

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A very careful dentist can usually remove the old bonding without harming the enamel. Remember, it's always best to "roughen up" the enamel surface prior to bonding anyway. So, if the dentist does "touch" the enamel with the drill in removing the old bonding, it's no big deal.

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