When Will Cosmetalife Filler Be Available to the Public?

I have been watching closely development of cosmetic filler Cosmetalife from Gel del technology. I believe I has successfuly passed all stages of clinical trial but because there is no investor to bring this exciting new filler to market.

It is not available to patients. I find this extremely hard to believe as not only it claims to be superior in safety but its very effective as well.

Could you give me any information on when this might change and the filler would become available to general public? Thank you.

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Cosmetalife is a new type of filler

Here is the Dec. 4, 2006 press release -
CosmetaLife™ starts trials-
The company began clinical trials of CosmetaLife™, a
gel-particle product for injection to correct wrinkles
at four of six planned U.S. sites this fall and expects
to conclude the trials in 2007. The company hopes to
introduce the product to the rapidly growing $1 billion
cosmetic augmentation market by the beginning of 2008.

Now that it is 2010 there is still no known date of approval at least in the US. There is nothing on the company website that justifies it being better than other currently available fillers.

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