Cosmelan MD or Rejuvenize Peel for Dark Skinned Woman with Melasma?

I have had the Cosmelan MD applied for over 2 years; pretty consistently, and use 50spf sunblock on my face. I have severe melasma on my cheeks and upper lip . I am of mixed race (Halley Berry color with a sensitive freckle face), and suffered terrible IPL burns nearly 3 years ago, trying to address melasma. Although, the Cosmelan MD works to keep the melasma at bay, it is not as effective as I would like, and it is pricey. I see the Rejuvenize Peel advertised and wonder if it is worth a try.

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Comelan Peel for Dark Skin with Melasma

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Cosmelan MD is far superior to the other treatments for patients with dark skin and melasma.  However, the problem with melasma is strict sun avoidance.  I would suggest that you utilize their line of products when you are not getting peeled as I find them highly effective.

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