Tummy Tuck W/ Muscle Tightening - 6 Wks Post-Ops - No Pain Since 2nd Wk? (photo)

Now Severe Muscle Burn In One Specific Spot Only? I haven't had any pain since my 2nd wk post-op. Suddenly I have been getting this severe burning pain *in one specific spot* of my ab area when I casually stretch or contract my abs. I haven't done any ab workout yet. This happens when I'm sleeping. No discomfort anywhere else. Is it possible that my muscle was accidentally stitched with the fascia in that one spot? The pain and burn is severe, so much that it scares me. Photo included. My doctor is on a much deserved vacation. Thank you!

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Tummy Tuck W/ Muscle Tightening - 6 Wks Post-Ops - No Pain Since 2nd Wk? (

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Usually, even with an exam by your surgeon, no specific cause is found, and the symptoms typically resolve without explanation. If your explanation were correct, I would not understand why this didn't hurt from day 1. Typically, there would not be any sutures at that spot, but techniques vary. 

Post op photo looks great.  All the best. 

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Postop abdominoplasty pain

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I am sorry to hear about your pain.  Your early results from your tummy tuck are fantastic.  In terms of the cause for your pain, you could be developing a neuroma along your fascial repair.  These can often be treated with injections. If there is a discrete knot where your are pointing and that knot is the spot that causes all of your pain, it would point towards a neuroma.  Sometimes these resolve on their own, but you should see your ps whenever, he or she gets back in town.

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