Could Cortisonespray for Swelling Have a Negative Effect on Rhinoplasty?

I have done a nosejob 1 year ago. Im happy with the result and shape of the nose. But a little swelling was still there and it had not healed completely yet. so the doctor told me to take cortisone spray(most used for nasal congestion). I have now taken it and it hurts plus the nose has become very soft,specially the tip,its too soft. my nosebone has gone down even more and now my jaw looks big instead. it was in perfect harmony with the nose before the cortisone. Is this a tissue collapse?

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Cortisone spray post rhinoplasty

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Your surgeon probably ordered the spray for the nasal congestion and not for aesthetic purposes. If it is irritating the nose then I would stop immediately. When you state that the nose "bone" has gone down this is not an effect of the spray. The spray is used to treat inflammation of the tissues not the bone. The nose does take a full year to heal and you may just be noticing the final swelling dissipating. I would make an appointment right away and see your surgeon and discuss your concerns so he/she can properly evaluate your current complaints. Best regards!

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