Cortisone Injection and Pulsed Dye Laser for Hypertrophic Scars?

5FU or Cortisone injection and Pulsed dye laser for hypertrophic scars? I have three or four small 8-year-old hypertrophic scars on my cheek. Should I have injection first?

But I am afraid the scar will have indent or color change if I have injection. Is Pulsed dye laser good for the small non-red hypertrophic scars?

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Injections and PDL for scars

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Injecting small diluted amounts of cortisone or 5-FU should improve the scar and help to flatten it. Pulsed dye lasers are very effective in the treatment of scars as well, if they have some redness. Both injections and laser treatments used in combination can be very successful in treating hypertrophic scars.

Certainly, if scars become flat and they are still injected, there can be an indentation or slight color change. Therefore, scars should only be injected with cortisone when they are thick and hypertrophic. Your dermatologist will monitor the response of your scars to the injections and decide when they are no longer going to improve from injections. when they become flatter, treatment with PDL could be started to reduce the redness and improve the overall appearance.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Treatment of hypertrophic scars

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Pulsed dye laser and IIT are beneficial for scars, depending on your skin tone.  I would seek the initial advice of a plastic surgeon to determine which course of treatment is best for you.

Hypertrophic Scar-1540 Erbium Laser is safer and more effective than Cortisone and Pulsed Dye

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Cortisone Injections will reduce redness and bulk of Hypertrophic Scars. Pulsed Dye Laser will reduce redness but less effective on the bulk of the scar.

Cortisone injections cause complications:

  • Fat Atrophy-the Steroid dissolves the fat under the skin creating a depression
  • Thinning of skin-after 3-4 injections the skin can become very thin
  • Blood Vessels-Steroid injections cause visible proliferation of blood vessels on the surface of the skin

The new 1540 Non ablative fractional laser is effective at reducing the bulk of the Hypertrophic scar and does not produce tissue atrophy. It is safer than cortisone.

I also use the IPL Intense Pulsed light to reduce redness although the Pulsed Dye is also effective. There is less bruising with the IPL

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