Corrective Surgery After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I was wondering how many others have had to go back and have one breast reduced to match the other breast after surgery. My left breast is a cup size bigger than the right breast. I also have to have scar tissure removed that has attached to my ribs. Is this unusual?

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Breast Reduction Revisionary Surgery Concerns?

Thank you for the question but I think that it will be difficult to find you objective statistics about the rate of breast reduction revisionary surgery.  Hopefully you are working with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will be able to, with additional surgery, improve your breast symmetry/scarring concerns significantly.

 Best wishes.

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Minor revisions after breast reduction

Minor revisions following breast reduction surgery are not extremely uncommon. However, a full cup size discrepancy does seem to be a bit much. I would consider imaging the larger breast to exclude a new mass or fluid collection, especially if you notice that it is getting larger.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
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Concerns about symmetry following breast reduction surgery

Your breast are sisters and not twins.  Absolute symmetry is difficult to achieve.  It you are unhappy with your result you should have a thoughtful discussion with your plastic surgeon about your alternatives.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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