Is There a Corrective Procedure for Rectangle Scars Caused from IPL Laser Burns?

2 years ago (8/08) I had IPL laser treatment to remove freckling on my chest at a "Medical Spa". The tech. apparently did NOT know what she was doing and I was severly burned. I now have (2 years later) underwent a Melanage peel, a TCA peel and some micro dermabrassion to attempt to correct the rectangle white boxes that appear all over my chest and cleveage area. I have tried tanning the area, but that seems to only make it worse! Please tell me what procedure might help to correct this? HELP!

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Treatment of IPL burns on the chest

I have treated several patients who received IPL burns from other clinics.  The first line of therapy includes selective pulsed dye laser. I would begin with topical application of Melaquin PM twice daily to prevent discoloration. 

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