Does Corrective Jaw Surgery (Over Bite) & A Chin Implant Close the Mouth from Hanging Open? (photo)

I have a reciding chin, and a small overbite. I want to have a chin and a jaw line, and be able to close my mouth easy, so it's not hanging open. I am fit & lean, but i have excess skin under my chin, which i think is from not growing a chin. What do you think is the best option to go with, from looking at the picture? Corrective Overbite jaw surgery, chin implant and removal of excess skin? Any response will help, thank you very very much.

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Chin Augmentation and Chin Liposuction

 You are an excellent candidate for chin implant and some neck liposuction. The chin augmentation will help with the profile view providing a stronger more masculine jawline. The liposuction will help remove the small excess fat you have under the chin providing more definition. You are young so this skin should adhere properly and not leave any excess skin hanging.  During consultation for chin augmentation and rhinoplasty patients I use a digital imaging computer this allows you to see what the proposed surgery would look like. A thorough evaluation and consultation will give you the proper diagnosis regarding your overbite, chin, and neck. After proper examination and diagnosis a good surgical plan may be made. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Options to correct receding chin and small overbite

The decision to perform mandibular osteotomies versus a chin implant is a personal choice.  When a simple cosmetic procedure under local anesthesia is desired, a chin implant is the proper choice.   The chin implant is a procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes, performed under local anesthesia in the office as an outpatient procedure.  When a patient’s dentition is off and their bite needs to be corrected, mandibular osteotomies and setting the chin forward should be considered.  There is no excess skin correction needed with this type of surgery.  Jaw surgery requires at least a 1-2 night hospital stay and is rather extensive and much more involved.

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Lower Jaw Advancement vs Chin Osteotomy For Very Short Chin

Your chin deficiency is so great (> 2 cms) that you owe it to yourself to at least investigate the option of orthognathic surgery bedore doing anything as your chin is symptomatic of a a very short lower jaw. If that is unappealing, you best approach is then a chin osteotomy to move the bone forward possibly even combined with an implant in front of the bone simultaneously. When your chin comes forward significcatly you will find that your neck fullness will be improved on its own without the need for liposuction.

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