Does One Usually Have to Make Other Corrections to Have a Chin Implant Look Right?

I had a chin implant six weeks ago and my profile is much better. However from the front it is a bit unnatural as you have my chin kinda sticking out and then my cheeks even sticking out further making me look like a chipmunk. I do have the chin implant with the wrap around but I do have chubby cheeks. Do people usually have other things done to make this look right like maybe some fat removal from the bottom part of the chin? How can I have this look natural/better?

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Chin implant: Additional Adjunctive procedures to supplement or enhance result

It appears that you have many questions that have not been answered by your surgeon. It is quite common to perform neck and microcannula jowl liposuction in conjunction with the chin implant augmentation. Other less common but adjunctive procedures include face and neck lift, cheek augmentation, fat grafting, rhinioplasty, peri-oral resurfacing or fillers.

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