(Under-correction or Swelling) Post Ptosis Surgery Swelling - What Can I Do?

Respected Doctor(s), I had congenital ptosis(2mm)on 6th October 2010 I had ptosis repair,after surgery doctor told me that he had resected the levator muscle to 20mm. Now after 3 months my eyelid is still swelling and it looks 4mm ptosis, worse than the pre-surgery condition but there is one difference i can see that now my left eyelid has crease which was not present earlier.Can any doctor confirm is it under-correction or swelling. Doctor says it's taking longer than normal but has no reason.

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(Under-correction or Swelling) Post Ptosis Surgery Swelling - What Can I Do?

Unfortunately, it sounds like you will end up with an under-correction.  You really have to wait 6 months, but in your case this sounds like a formality.  Swelling can cause this, but at 3 months post-op you should be getting slightly better already.  If after 6 months, the eyelid is still ptotic, further surgery will be necessary.

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Persistent ptosis after repair may be in need of another opinion.

At three months post-ptosis repair, most swelling should be resolved, but there can be additional (subtle) changes for several months. Perhaps not enough to improve a 4mm ptosis, but this is indeed "longer than usual."

You may have had under-correction, or you may have dislodged part or all of the surgical repair during the healing process, leading to your present appearance. This isn't your fault, but neither is it necessarily a surgical undercorrection.

I sympathize with your situation, and share your dismay at looking worse than your initial presentation, but reoperation prematurely may make things even worse. I would consider getting another opinion to see what may be going on, and what the recommendation may be. This is not to mistrust your surgeon, but only to obtain another objective point of view. Good luck!

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