Could Correction of Ptosis by Muellerectomy Produce a Scar That I Would Feel Permanently?

I am considering having my unilateral ptosis corrected by adjustment of Mueller's muscle. My surgeon told me the sutures would be on the underside of the eyelid. I understand that I will feel the sutures for a short time, however I am concerned about the prospect that I would develop a scar that I would then always feel and would find irritating. Is that a valid concern? Thank you so much.

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Irritation from posterior ptosis surgery?

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I have never seen long-term irritation from the posterior eyelid scar (after mullerectomy ptosis surgery).  

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The muellerectomy is a very commonly performed ptosis surgery.

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It is critical that you surgeon assess both eyes.  Even though it may appear that the ptosis is unilateral, it is very common for ptosis to be bilateral with asymmetric involvement.  Inexperienced ptosis surgeons will correct the obvious (weaker side) .  After surgery the unoperated side then becomes visibly droopy.  This is due to the effect of Herring's law of equal innervation.  Experienced ptosis surgeons are very familiar with this phenomena and look very closely for this.  For this reason, it is common to perform ptosis surgery on both sides even though one side may be obviously ptotic.  I have done hundreds of these procedures and not a single patient has ever complained that they could feel the scar that is created by this surgery.

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