How should I have my two front (buck) teeth corrected? (photo)

I'm 22 years old with the front two teeth bigger and not in line with others. My dentist recommended First, getting 4 teeth extracted. the whole process takes around 3 years. And second, pulling the teeth to front which'll take around 1.5 years but might create lip fullness. I'm confused, help please.

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In our office we have been treating cases like yours for 16 years using INVISALIGN.  INVISALIGN is faster, easier, healthier and far more comfortable. The vast majority of our Invisalign cases are completed in less than 1 year. We have never had to extract teeth.  The space needed to realign your teeth is created by the expansion of the width of the arch of your teeth plus if needed polishing between the teeth. My advice is for you to get a consultation with a Cosmetic general Dentist who is trained and experienced with Invisalign.

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