Is Correction Possible for a Bullhorn Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a bullhorn in 2005, and I have not been please with it: the distance between my nose and my lips is still large, my nostrils became visible. I wonder if a correction is possible? Either another bullhorn liplift, or an operation to improve the view of my nose....Thanks for any advice in advance!

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Correction for a Bull Horn Upper Lip Lift

For our readers who may not know, a Bull Horn lift attempts to lift the upper lift by removing a Bull Horn shaped portion of the upper lip at the base of the nose hiding the scar along the junction of the upper lip and the nose.  The operation is rarely a home run and trades one deformity for another. It is better suited in women (who wear make up) than in men and is intended to reduce a very high lip, show teeth white on smiling and slightly show more lip pink.

In the 7 years since your lip lift, your columella (the central wall covering the front of the septum, dividing the nose into two passages) appears to be pulled down increasing columellar show. This can be both age related and aided somewhat by your lift lift.

The correction would depend on your cosmetic wishes. A nose surgery involving columellar correction can readily fix this deformity. I would do it before doing another Bull Horn lift further pulling things down and reevaluate a few months later.

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