Correction After Braces-what Are my Options? (photo)

I had braces a few years ago,the teeth are straight but am unsatisfied with the overall appearance. I have a small jaw and a small chin. The braces seemed to have pushed my teeth out more on top causing a more narrow albeit more prominent appearance. This has left me with an overbite and I feel like my mouth at the side/fronts of my lips are droopier because instead of the teeth in the front being more square/flat the curvature is narrow. I feel this presentation accentuates my narrow chin.

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Can braces get a better result?

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Most people have some degree of skeletal problems in addition to crooked teeth.  From your description, I guessing you have an extremely small lower jaw.  Without jaw surgery I'm afraid that any orthodontic only correction will not make you happy....sometimes you have to fix the major problem (bone structure) as moving teeth to hide the underlying problem just wont work!

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