Correcting wide chubby face? (photo)

I wish my face was more defined and feminine. I received cheek filler about 4 months ago and was very pleased right afterwards but now it seems to have faded or I just don't notice it anymore. I worry about something like buccal fat removal because of premature aging. What would be my best option to correct my face?

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Wide chubby face

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Your face looks quite lovely to me. The width and fullness in your face that you don't like now will work to your advantage in 1o years and onward. You will look better than your peers with thin faces now.. There is a new ha filler called voluma just released. This is supposed to give more projection for longer. I would wait until this is available and try it? Fat grafting won't give you definition, it will just make your face fuller.

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Correstion of a wide chubby face

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The most successful correction for a wide chubby in my 33 years of experience is a three step approach--1--liposculpting of the submalar area , 2-fat grafting or submalar augmentation to the mid malar area and 3- partial resection of the buccal pad thru an intraoral approach. If there is lower face laxity a mid face lift may be necessary. The first approach for a young face is usually done under local anesthersia and takes about an hour.

DR Giampapa

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Correcting wide chubby face?

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Either re fill with HA fillers or try fat grafting to cheeks and mental grooves. Surgery is quite aggressive for you in my opinion..

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