Correcting the Congenitally Upturned Male Nose

I am a man, looking to rhinoplasty for my congenitally upturned, slightly concave nose, with excess columella show from profile view. I am tall, which really accentuates the problem (you can literally look straight into my nose). But I am struggling to find any b/a pictures anywhere of upturned rhinoplasty, which makes it hard to determine wether or not it's worth going through with. I would appreciate it you could reference any sites with b/a pics of this procedure. Thank you!

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Correcting upturned male nose

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The upturned nose can be due to multiple issues and without photographs it is impossible to determine the cause.  Augmenting the nasal bridge can be performed in attempt to reduce any ski slope, which tends to push the tip back down.  A full transfixion incision on the inside of the nose will allow the tip to come downward.  There are other tip techniques to bring the tip downward.  Trimming and tucking in the columellar can reduce any columellar show.  Look for a surgeon who has a large rhinoplasty practice prior to embarking on this endeavor.

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Cartilage Grafting For The Short Nose

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By your description you have a congenitally short nose. This can only be improved by a lengthening approach which primarily involves cartilage grafting to build up the concave bridge and to support a tip that is brought downward, decreasing the nasolabial angle. This is not a rare rhinoplasty procedure and there are numerous other type of nasal problems that require the same approach, often from traumatic injuries. 

Upturned nose before and after pictures.

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Upturned nose before and after pictures are posted on my website under primary and revision rhinoplasty since the operation is essentially the same. Grafting usually needs to be done to lengthen the short nose.

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