Correcting Overjet - Best Treatment?

I've consulted an Orth. a while ago if Invisalign would be able to fix my overjet. In the consultation I was told this would be no problem (~12mo treatment). I was not happy with the length of the procedure and did not go ahead. Now I heard about Inman Aligners and went to a different Orth. to see if I would be a candidate. Unfortunately I was not and much to my surprise even Invisalign would not be able to correct my overjet. Given above pics, are there any fast treatment options available?

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Hawley appliances for minimal tooth movement

Depending upon the results you are hoping to achieve, you may want to consider finding a dentist to help you with a Hawley appliance. You would not obtain ideal results, but you could push the front two teeth back a bit in a few months by wearing the retainer type appliance. Generally weekly or bi-weekly appointments are necessary to move the teeth into position, and some form of splinting or retainer at end of therapy. The fee is generally in the hundreds not thousands and takes months instead of years.

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