Correcting Lower Eyelid After Fat Graft Operation

I had fat transfer to my lower eyelids 1.5 years ago & developed noticeable lumps in my lower eyelids.The PS tried to correct the situation through a combination of kenalog injections & fat transfer in the cheek area adjacent to the lower eyelid (in an attempt to make the eyelid area less noticeable). I am still unsatisfied. I've consulted with another PS who wants to perform micro liposuction to my lower eyelids which will require some downtime and discourages steroid injections.Your thoughts?

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Tear Trough Fat Bumps

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Irregularity from tear trough fat injections is especially common when the fat is not injected just over the periosteum.  This can also occur when using an entry point in the actual tear trough and allowing fat to collect along this insertion tunnel.  Kenelog is typically of very little use in this situation.  Warm compresses and massage are typically recommended over the first year, however are unlikely to work well thereafter.  Microliposuction is absolutely an option, and although it may improve the contour, there is also the possibility that it will worsen it.  Unfortunately this is a tough situation, and the surgeon and patient need to weigh the risks and benefits depending on the severity of your current contour deformity.

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Lower Eyelid Fat Graft Removal

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Always less than 100% of fat injections survive in the long-term, so waiting is generally the first step if you want fat graft removed. After several months for facial fat grafts that persist, steroid injections are another good option for lumps. Liposuction of the face, especially around the eyelids, is an uncommon procedure that I believe most plastic surgeons would discourage. Cosmetic eyelid surgery would be a better approach for persist eyelid fat. Only after a comprhensive evaluation, can a plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options for you.

Correcting fat injections in the lower eyelids

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This is not a question to answer directly pertaining to your situation as you need to be seen and examined for any worthwhile comments to help you.  There are different schools of thought but do ask your surgeons if the trauma of microliposuction could cause more irregularities and plan on bruising for a couple to a few weeks after the procedure.

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