Correcting Eyebrow Drop Due to Injection?

If eyebrow drop occurred even though the injector was an experienced medical professional, should I trust the same injector to inject the antagonistic muscle?

What are the risks of attempting a correction? Although, the current situation is uncomfortable and unattractive? Is it better to just wait for the original injection to dissipate?

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Eyebrow drop after Botox will get better with time

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Dear Zuzu,

I'm writing this assuming you had Botox to your forehead, and your eyebrows, not eyelids, are the problem.

Even though I tell my patients that their eyebrows will be immobile after Botox, sometimes you become very aware of the excess skin in your upper eyelids. Most of the times, the eyebrows didn't drop; you just lost the ability to raise them. And you don't like how it looks / feels.

You can get elevation of the tail of the brow with carefully placed Botox, but feel confident that Botox will wear off in around 4 months, and all will be the same as before you were injected. In fact, you'll likely get some movement / elevation around 6 weeks after the injection, so don't worry too much about this.

I hope this helps, and best regards.

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