Correcting Dorsal Hump Without Changing Nose Shape?

I have an otherwise perfect nose, except for a huge dorsal hump that I developed after entering highschool. I am now 18 and looking to get a nose job.

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Large Dorsal Hump Removal Without Changing the Nose

The dorsal hump removal can be done without changing the tip of the nose but the dorsum will certainly change in terms of your profile view. The change in the shape is usually esthetically pleasing.


Take a look at the link below.

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Sidewalls of nose are narrowed after large dorsal hump removal

After removal of the large dorsal hump that is present, then the sidewalls of the nose will need to be narrowed to prevent open roof deformity. The sidewalls of the nose have to be narrowed; otherwise the bridge will have a flat top effect. It is also important to make sure that the remainder of the nose is in balance with the new shape of the bridge. There are occasions when the tip does not have to be altered.

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Nasal Hump

When you change one thing during rhinoplasty, it will usually have an impact on other parts of the nasal anatomy. For example, removal of a large hump may necessitate repositioning the bones. Within reason you can limit what is done; a full rhinoplasty is not necessary. You and your surgeon can decide pre-operatively what will change.

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Correction of dorsal hump

There are several ways of performing facelift operation, all of which can give excellent results. Review some photos from the surgeons that you are leaning towards choosing. Seeing acutal results should give you confidence in that particular surgeon's technique. The options that have been offered to you are all accepted methods of performing facelift surgery.

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Endonasal or open rhinoplasty will allow correction of dorsal hump

You can have the dorsal hump corrected by either endonasal or open rhinoplasty approach. Removing the hump will require doing additional lateral osteotomies or fine chisel cuts to close the open roof created by the hump removal to adequately narrow the dorsum of the nose. In addition the surgeon will need to pay particular attention the the status of the upper lateral cartilages to ensure no resultant internal nasal valve compromise results from trimming these structures to complete dorsal refinement. He can prevent this with prophylactic spreader grafts or other techniques if necessary. Good luck

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Removing a nose hump or bump.

Although the hump may be large, the bones are very thin. Removing the hump will end up cutting through the bones similar to cutting off the peak of a roof. This would create an "open roof" and that is exactly what we call it. This open roof needs to be closed by bringing the two sides together. That will cause a change in the shape of your nose.

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Dorsal hump removal WITHOUT changing nose shape

Dear Ss48,

No. That is impossible.

The appearance of the nose resembles that of a flipped boat. Imagine what the boat would look like if you took a chainsaw and removed a large portion of the bottom of the boat and then threw a pliant tarp on it. The tarp would make the boat look like it has a wide, flat bottom.

After the mere removal of the nasal dorsal hump WITHOUT anything else, allows the skin to re drape over the , now shortened, side walls of the nose, making the nose appear lower and MUCH wider just like a flipped, flat bottom boat.

For this reason, to close the roof, the side walls of the nose need to be broken (osteotomized) and their tops brought together. That would recreate a keel like shape to the lower profile nose which gives it a narrower appearance when viewed from the front.

I hope this was helpful.

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Removing a dorsal hump involves more than you might think

It is tempting to think that one can simply "chop off" a dorsal hump on the bridge of a nose. But there are several things that you must realize about this procedure.

1. When you reduce a hump, you are lowering the height of the bridge of the nose. Because the nose sits on your face like a triangular pyramid, lowering the bridge results in removing the narrowest part of the pyramid and you are left with a wider portion. So there may be a tendency for your nose to appear wider on the front view after hump reduction. The amount of widening depends on how thick your skin is, how much the bridge is narrowed, and how wide you were from the start.

2. Once a hump is removed and the bridge is lowered, the skin must then drape down onto the reduced infrastructure. For patients with thin skin and a small or medium hump, this is not a problem. If you have thick skin, especially if a lot of reduction is done, the skin may not be able to drape cleanly onto the structures of the nose. In these situation, the skin remains a bit raised above the bone and cartilage of the dorsum, and some outward fullness remains. This is called a soft-tissue polybeak deformity.

3. If the hump involves the cartilage part of the dorsum, removing it may lead to collapse of the cartilages that form the middle part of your nose.

So in summary there a lot of things to think about before going through a procedure like this. Rhinoplasty is a complex operation with many variables and considerations, even for a change that you might think is simple. the best thing to do is to do your homework and seek treatment from someone who has a lot of experience with rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty, Correcting the Dorsal Hump Without Changing the Shape of the Nose

Hi S,

Without a photo it is difficult to answer your question. Usually the larger the dorsal hump, the more that needs to be removed, and the greater likelihood of needing lateral nasal bone osteotomies (breaking the bones) to bring the side walls of the nose back together, closing the "open roof" that was left after the hump removal. Once those changes are completed, it may be necessary to blend the remaining lower 2/3's of your nose with the modified dorsum.

That having been said, it is possible to perform subtle rhinoplasty where the hump alone is addressed.

You need to consult with a few rhinoplasty specialists and discuss what bothers you about your nose, and what post-operative result you would be satisfied with. Most importantly choose your rhinoplasty surgeon very carefully.

Please send us photos of your nose.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Changing nose shape by correcting nasal bump

Correcting or reducing a bump on the nose is one of the most common requests for rhinoplasty surgery. The bumps develop naturally and are commonly made of both bone and cartilage.

By correcting the dorsal hump, you must change the shape of the nose. However, the rest of the nose does not need to change shape, such as the tip or nostrils.

Speak with a plastic surgeon performing rhinoplasty surgery to perform a comprehensive examination. He/she will be able to determine the most appropriate nose job surgery for you, and help determine how your nose will change shape following plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeons will use computer simulation during the consultation. Best of luck.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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