Does this look over-corrected?

I am meeting with my surgeon tomorrow and would appreciate objective viewpoints prior to discussion. My surgeon tightened levator muscles of eye on the left four days ago. However, eyes are now asynmetrical shape with much more pronounced in real life (i.e.bulging). The lift seems to be the right height but in the wrong position. There is still some swelling but I am not sure that will address this issue. Based on your experience, what would your evaluation be at this point?

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For four days postop, you look very good. What may appear as an overcorrection now could be swelling which needs to resolve. Eyelids are not symmetrical just as the sides of the face are not symmetrical. The picture cuts off the brows but from what I can see, your brow heights are not symmetrical either. At the end of the day, you may find that the result is quite satisfactory. Continue to communicate your concerns to your plastic surgeon.

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Over correction

Hard to tell..this is too soon after the surgery.  You should show the surgeon and the two of you can keep close monitoring of this issue as the edema resolves and the tissues heal.  Good luck

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Ptosis repair

You look great just four days out from surgery - it really is too early to tell because you do have more healing to do but at this stage it looks like you are on the right track.  Be patient and see how things turn out after a few more weeks once the eyelid has healed and the swelling has gone down.  I think you will be happy with the results.

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Intentional over-correction is not an error

With eyelid levator corrections, a slight over-correction may be indicated as the muscle may have weakened, or the fascia attenuated.  The optic chiasm is an area behind the eyes that will adjust the lid margin levels to allow the correct amount of light into the pupils, and this will take some weeks or months to even out.  Please be patient to allow the post-operative swelling and position to stabilize before worrying about asymmetry that may be only temporary.

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Does this eyelid surgery look over-corrected?

It may, but wait a few weeks prior to making any quick decisions.


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Asked and answered.

You are just 4 days out.  Swelling in the left upper eyelid is to be expected.  This will create heaviness that will resolve as you heal over the next 8 weeks or more.  Your surgeon looks to have done a great job here.  What you need is a little patience to allow your body to heal.

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Bulging and possible overcorrection after eyelid surgery

  This is a tough call.  And there is no right or wrong answer here.  In cases like this, some surgeons prefer to go in again early (i.e. reoperate) before the tissues adhere while others prefer to see what happens when all or most of the swelling subsides.  As long as you have confidence in your surgeon, I would listen to his or her recommendations.

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