Does This Need Corrected? (photo)

I have an overbite and some crooked teeth and have been considering invisalign. Just curious first of all if Invisalign could correct the overbite (no overjet) and if it even NEEDS to be corrected. Would I be spending money on something that isn't really needed? I appreciate any and all input you have! Thanks A Ton!

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You don't

You don't need to staighten teeth but if you want to make changes I would suggest widening the maxilla with epigenetic orthodontics and the invisalig to fine tune if needed.  You picture shows the anteriors and no posteriors but rather two "dark alleys".  Widening would produce a wider fuller smile as well as improve your airway.

Narrow mouths are often a sign of snoring and/or sleep apnea

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Invisalign treatment with a fast results

It is very individual. You have a mild crowding that can be easily corrected with only  few aligners which can also reduce your overbite. In addition to resolving a cosmetic problem the crowding resolution may also benefit your gum health. This will be not a long treatment (3-5 months), but will require retention period of a longer time. Are you ready for this?

Jane Brodsky, DMD
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"Need" is hard to tell

Will you die if nothing is done?  No.  Will teeth break if nothing is done?  No.  So do you NEED this?  Probably not.

You do NOT appear to have much of an overbite, and you DO have some overjet (normal is 2-3 mm for each).

However, minor alignment can be nice to have, but you must WANT it.  Consider an Inman aligner as an alternative.  May be quicker and cheaper.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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