Can Over-corrected Ear Pinning Be Improved by Implanting Something Behind Ear?

I had otoplasty about 10 years ago and one is almost flush with my head. I would like to have this corrected without operating on the cartilage. Instead, can something like a small piece of silicone be inserted behind the ear to "prop" the ear and push it forward a little? Or also could liquid silicone be injected somewhere along the side of the head, behind ear, to sort of create a small ridge to push the ear out a little? I would be happy with a small improvement.

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Over-corrected ear pinning surgery (otoplasty)

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IT is generally not advisable to have silicone injected into the ear to prop it forward or injected for any reason.

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Correcting the Over-Corrected ("Telephone Ear") Ear Pinning

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Lop ("Dumbo") Ears are characterized by increased distance between the ear and the head. A known complication of Ear Pinning Surgery (OTOPLASTY) is over-correcting or over-narrowing the distance between the ear and the head resulting in the deformity known as "Telephone Ear". The protruding ear is brought closer to the head with permanent stitches which are later splinted and stented by scar formation. As a result, under-correction or over-correction of Lop Ears cannot be reversed with injections of any kind except for division of such stitches and re-doing the repair.

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