Is It Correct to Say the Wider the Diameter the More Upper Pole You Will Have?

If my base wide is 14cm and I/the doctor chooses an implant with a diameter of 11.7 will I have less upper pole fullness than I would if I choose an implant with 12.6 width (when filled to max)? thanks!

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You seem to be confusing volume with profile.

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Larger implants have the ability to better fill a given breast skin envelope, and thereby provide more upper pole fullness. With a given profile, say moderate, a wider base means a larger implant (and more fullness). But with identical-volume implants, say 400cc, a narrower base means more projection, which usually yields more upper pole fullness.


Since you are talking about "filling to the max" you must be considering saline implants. Why, BTW? A perfectly good option, but silicone implants are better IMHO. Regardless, you should first decide on the amount of augmentation you wish (implant size), and then choose the profile based on your dimensions.

For example, if you have a 14cm base and wish large implants, you will likely require high profile, or at least moderate plus profile implants to achieve the large(r) size you prefer (and assuming your anatomy allows). This will allow the bigger implants to fit in your base diameter without folding or pinching. If however, you have a fair amount of your own breast tissue and only request more modest implants (say in the 300cc range), then you may require moderate profile implants to adequately fill your base diameter without too much side-side wiggle room from implant movement, or too-wide cleavage.

Some surgeons like to use high profile implants on most of their patients, if they like the "high, round, Baywatch" look. I am of the firm opinion that each patient's anatomy and pre-existing breast tissue and goals should have much more impact on implant choice than habitually choosing "high profile" for most patients.

I choose implant profile based on all of these factors, and use what best achieves my patient's goals within the constraints of their anatomy and wishes. Most of the time that yields superior results rather than having a "standard" approach and implant profile.

If you and your surgeon cannot agree, you should seek additional opinions from other ABPS-certified plastic surgeons experienced in breast surgery (over 100 breast augmentations per year). Best wishes!

Implant diameter and upper pole fullness

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There is no doubt that the bigger the implant, the wider the implant the more upper pole fullness. However, the choice of the implant is not solely based on implant base diameter. Breast measurements, breast shape and how you want to look are all important. You need to discuss your surgery outcome with your plastic surgeon. It is helpful if you take photos with you, look at a his/her photo gallery. This will ensure your satisfaction after surgery.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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