Does This Seem Like the Correct Size?

I am 5'6" and 215 lbs. I was a 38A before BA and had implanted 457cc on R and 492cc on left saline. I was hoping to be a C or D cup as final result. I do not feel or look like I am even close to that. The picture was taken at 2 weeks post-op. My PS says that I will not get any bigger, plus I am worried about my right breast. MY PS says it is asymmetrical but does not know why. It has been almost 3 weeks and still has not dropped at all. I am very dissatisfied! I am barely fitting into a 40B cup!

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Breast Implants

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You do require a lot of volume to get you where you want. However, the bigger the implants the bigger the problems and it may be safer to wait a year for settling. As well, exercise and diet will make the implants look bigger

Breast Augmentation Size

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Although your result is early, your PS is right in saying that your breasts will not become larger in size, and, in fact, you may become slightly smaller once your postoperative swelling resolves. Given your photographs, I do feel that your result is acceptable given your preoperative asymmetry. There appears to be some higher positioning of the right implant versus the left, however.

It is early to make any decisions in regards to revising your breasts, and I would suggest waiting a few months before deciding if your breasts are now the "correct size". Your idea of what is correct may change. If you're still unhappy, then a discussion with your PS is in order. Best of luck.

Derek Lou, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Early Breast Augmentation Result Disappointment

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What matters is whether you think the size is adequate or not...and clearly you do not. While implant sizes of close to 500cc are not small by any means, it is all relative to the chest in which they are implanted. With what appears to be your chest size and body weight, your goal of a C or D cup appears to require much more volume. There is also the issue of the asymmetric right breast but your result is certainly more asymmetric than what you had prior to surgery. With your body size and pre-existing breast asymmetry, your breast augmentation was challenging. It is important to allow the result to settle in both physically and mentally and then go back to your plastic surgeon at three months after surgery. At that point, you will have a stable result and can discuss what our options are at that point.

Disappointed breast aug

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I understand where you are coming from.I always tell my patients size post op depends on the distensibility of thew tissues and the size of the chest wall.You can not put a gallon of milk into a quart container.They look good and you had soem assymetry pre op.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Does This Seem Like the Correct Size?

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I appreciate you posting your photos. When I compare the before to after views I see an acceptable result. The improvement over the before is good, could it be better? YES. But I always tell asymmetric breasts patients it is a surgical journey. Meaning up to 3 operations. You now need Stage II a larger right implant with a possible donut lift. I believe you need to have a realistic view on the final outcome, just look at your befores. Best of luck. 

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