Correct Procedures or Not? Had Buccal Fat Removal. (photo)

Went in for softened lower jaw line due to indentions in the pre-jowl area. Recommended injecting Radiesse, Neck Corset and 72-hour lift. Didn’t think I needed mid facelift (see photos), so minutes before entering the OR in April 2012 he insisted I remove the buccal fat pads to get the results I wanted. Still have indentions and now have hanging jowls, baggy neck and lumps on both sides I never had before! Would any of the procedures I had result in all the bruising in the jowl area?

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Buccal fat pad removal, quick facelift, ?good result

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Several thoughts.

First, you have just had surgery and are still swollen and bruised.  Anybody assessing your results or opining on whether the correct procedure was done, etc. would need to wait a full six months to assess the results and see how your final results look.

Second, if you are not satisfied with your final result and have contacted your initial physician and can't get a satisfactory answer, you may wish to seek a second opinion from an experienced, unbiased board certified plastic surgeon with interest in revisional facelift surgery.

It is all too easy to critique another doctor's work, and experienced practitioners know it is better to fix than to judge.  We all have problems postoperatively, me included.

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Buccal fat removal problem.

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Wait six months and if you have lost confidence in your surgeon get a second opinion from an experienced facial plastic surgeon. 

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Correct Procedures or Not? Had Buccal Fat Removal.

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   It would be too early to make a determination about the result at 3 weeks.

Kenneth Hughes, MD
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