Correct Overzealous Asian Eyelid Sugery?

My original eyes were almond shaped as a fold of skin overhung my natural lid, creating a monolid look, and this extra skin arched onto the middle part of my eye opening. It was this overhang of extra skin and weight that created an almond, and not circular shape of my eye. I recently got asian eyelid surgery; however, the doctor cut away too much skin and fat, leaving my eyes looking strangely round. Please state my options for re-creating that overhang of skin to re-construct my almond shape.

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Asian eyelid revision surgery

Asian eyelid surgery usually involves formation of a double crease. The higher the new crease is created, the more western look the eye will have. Most likely, you have had your new eyelid crease placed too high from your eyelashes. It is easy to correct low crease placement but with high crease, it is more difficult since the old crease needs to be dissected and a new lower crease is created. This will give you a more almond shape eyes.

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Asian Eyelid Revision Surgery is challenging

It is hard to give an opinion on your eyes without seeing before and after pictures. Revision eyelid surgery in the Asian eyelid can be challenging and I would recommend seeing an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastic surgeon. You can find well trained surgeons in the Toronto area by utilizing the website.

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