Can I correct an oversized breast implant 3/4 weeks post op? (Photo)

My left implant is higher than my right implant. My surgeon told me to do exercises to push the left implant down, but I think the problem is that the right side is overcut. If I lift up, I can see that the right pocket is lower, and more oval shaped. I really want this fixed, especially because they were very even before surgery. Will tape or a supportive bra correct this? Help! :(

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Can I correct an oversized breast implant 3/4 weeks post op?

NO! Allow at least 3 months of healing before considering revision surgery. This allows the tissue to soften so the revision will not cause more scarring... 

Leveling rigth and left breast implants

At 3 to 4 weeks post Breast Augmentation surgery is toó early for implants to be even.

I always tell my patients  that during the first 2 month implants will descend to make the folding not always  at the same time for swelling is diferent on each breast.

A compression stabilizer used over the upper chest will help you to lower the highest implant. Ask tour surgeon.

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Can I correct an oversized breast implant 3/4 weeks post op?

Based on your description of your situation, your concerns are understandable. The use of tape, compressive dressings, supportive bra… MAY be helpful early after surgery;  you will need to run this question by your plastic surgeon to see if he/she thinks that these maneuvers will provide additional support for the breast implant that is sitting lower on your chest wall. Otherwise, generally speaking, best to allow for at least 3 to 6 months to pass before evaluating the breast surgery outcome (and the potential need for additional surgery).  Best wishes.

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