How to Correct an Overjet on an Adult? And What is the Difference Between Functional and Traditional Orthodontists? (photo)

Recently a gp dentist told me that I should see an orthodontist who could evaluate whether my overjet is a skeletal issue. I'm 21 and had braces for ~2 years, off at 17, and left with an overjet+overbite, which I feel makes my upper lip look too large and protruded. I had several consults 3 years ago with different orthodontists and an oral surgeon but I just went around in circles. How would you minimize an overjet (~5mm) with a 1-2mm midline deviation? (*I have a non-severe tmd)

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How to Correct an Overjet on an Adult

Differences between functional vs. "traditional orthodontics" is dramatic. Functional orthodontics utilizes various appliances and conventional braces to reshape and reposition the upper and lower jaws to maximize facial beauty, harmonize jaw relationships and enhance TMJ health. Traditional orthodontics is mainly concerned with straightening teeth.

Your oral surgeon consultation was most likely to determine if you are a surgical candidate to move your jaw forward. 

With the limited pictures you have provided, it appears that your upper jaw is not the problem but rather your lower jaw is slightly deficient in relation to your upper jaw. This can be corrected with a functional jaw orthopedic appliance but braces would need to be placed after your jaw is moved forward in order to correct the posterior open bite that it would create. 

The benefits to this type of treatment are numerous, including better facial aesthetics, ideal overjet/overbite and a healthier TMJ.

Good luck!

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