How to Correct Natal Cleft and Hip Depressions After Buttock Lift/revision?

After a (purse-string gluteoplasty) buttock lift and revision, I am left with hip depressions (androgynous hips) and a natal cleft that is folde inward with the skin above sutured over the fold to yield a bizarre T intersection/hooding. Is this common? After the revision, I was told that a zplasty would open up the natal cleft, but very likely would cause the "crack" to elongate all the way up the back. <10cc's grafted to each hip (iliac crest-trochanter) with no results. Need help locating skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced surgeons with such corrections. I live on the East Coast USA.

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Hip depressions following purse string gluteoplasty

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Hello and thank you for your question. I know you asked this question  a long time ago. In case you have not solved it I believe I understand  your problem  completely. I have developed  a flap specifically  to try to prevent that problem. I call it the "hip flap" utilizing the skin and fat from the sides of your body to help retain hip projection or give some in those who don't  have  it. This also helps with the lateral depression that you are talking about which can be worsened by auto augmentation  of the buttocks. Feel free to contact me here in San Antonio  if you have any questions.
Peter Fisher M.D. 

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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How to correct depressions in the butt

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Patients today have many options in changing the contour, shape, and change the appearance of the skin of their butt. If you have depressions or small areas of irregularity, it may be possible to correct these with a scar revision and with the fat grafting. For best results, be sure that you are only working with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in butt contouring, but augmentation, scar revision, and fat grafting techniques. They will be able to determine which combination of these procedures will help you meet your goals.

Buttock deformities

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Detailed Pictures will help evaluate your specific problem.

See more than one Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

wth experience in buttock enhancement surgery, and the different approaches to the buttock

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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Plastic Surgery Revision

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As an experienced buttock lift and body lift plastic surgeon, I still have difficulty understanding your problem. A photo will be immensely helpful. You may want to visit my site for amny examples of buttock lift, buttock augmentation with your own lower back tissue, and body lift pictures. If interested, email me a picture. Good luck.

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