Is it possible to correct my squint eye with laser operation?

My left is basically not strong and it dont rotate as my right eye does , i did consult many 2 doctors they said my nerve lateral rectur palsy is not developed since birth .Doctors said they dnt have any treatment fot this... I need a doctor who can help me out ....

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Laser Vision Correct On A Squint Eye

This is an excellent question. Think of the eye as a camera. Laser vision correction essentially reshapes the lens of the camera with a laser to allow light to properly focus on the film of a camera. Eyes that have a squint or lazy eye, do not develop the proper neural connections to allow the camera to "see". In other words, even though the eye is normal in shape and anatomy, if the connections do not develop by age 7 then that eye has a limited visual potential that cannot be regained. So in short, laser vision correction will not correct your squint eye fully.

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