How to Correct my Eyelid Sagging and Uneven Eyebrows? (photo)

All of my life i have had a dropping eyelid which also gives me noticable uneven eyebrows, this gets worse with light and tiredness. The eyelid has started to get heavier and more noticeable within the past year or so with a more uneven eyebrow difference. What would be my options available to correct this?

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How to Correct my Eyelid Sagging and Uneven Eyebrows? (photo)

It is hard to recommend a treatment without seeing you.  Theoretical options include Botox, brow lift, and brow lift with blepharoplasty.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon for your best options.

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Asymmetric brows giving illusion of droopy eyelid

It appears you have asymmetric eyebrow, with the left side lower than the left side.  This may have to do with your underlying bony facial asymmetry with left side of your face being smaller than the right side.  There are nonsurgical (botulinum toxin) and surgical (brow lift) treatment options available. At times, eyebrow asymmetry has to do with asymmetric eyelids and ptosis. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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Asymmetrical eyebrows

The simplest and most conservative treatment is to try  Botox in an attempt to raise the lower side and lower the high side. Your  asymmetrical eyebrows are causing the asymmetry in your upper lids. Surgical elevation of the brow would necessitate a brow lift, and  would require adjustments to the depressor muscles of the patient's left side  of the forehead.

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