What Can Be Done to Correct my Asymmetrical Eye and Eyebrow Shapes? (photo)

I am very bothered by the asymmetry in my face and am wondering what surgeries are available to fix this. I am mostly focused on fixing the eyes but i would love them both fixed if possible.

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Complex anatomic asymmetry

I wish we could give you an easy fix. Unfortunately, by looking at your photo, it seems to me that your visually apparent soft tissue asymmetry [eyelid ptosis and brow ptosis on the left] may be a sign of underlying bony asymmetry between the right and left eye socket. It could be the left eye/eye socket is slighly smaller than the right and as such the overlying tissue will also follow suit.

In your case, a simple photo, unfortunately is not enough to properly address your concerns. An in-person evaluation is a necessity, and furthermore a CT scan of the face/eyes with 3D reconstruction [a software program] would probably be invaluable as well. If that is the case, the surgical fix is a major craniofacial undertaking.

Botox injections may be the best way to minimize the asymmetry.

If you decide to explore this further, I would recommend consultation with an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon. You can find one close to you on the ASOPRS dot org website. A craniofacial surgeon [usually staffed at Children's hospitals] may also be able to evaluate you.

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Eyelid surgery - treating asymetrical shapes

Unfortunately everyone has asymmetry to some degree in their eye area.  My recommedation would be to lower the right brow with botox or  raise the left brow with either a brow lift or a skin tightening of that area.  Another alternative would be a brow lift on your left, lower brow.  Bony orbtital surgery to correct these issues are a bit more complicated and frankly would leave you with too many scars.  I am sure you are quite beautiful despite some asymmetry (which we all have to varying degrees)!  Best Wishes!!

Stefan Mark Szczerba, MD
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Asymemtric eyes

It appears you have bony facial asymmetry along with upper eyelid ptosis (droopy eyelids). There are nonsurgical (Botox) and surgical techniques (Ptosis surgery) available.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Asymmetric eye and eyebrow

It is very common for people to have a mild asymmetry in the brow height and shape.  Most people will find a mild asymmetry if they look hard enough for it as our facial halves are typically a little different.   While it is difficult to be completely accurate with the photo provided, it appears that you have a ptosis in the your left eye, meaning your eyelid on the left comes down lower on the eye then the right side, giving it a smaller appearance and noticeble asymmetry.  Ptosis repair is a common surgery that can be performed.  Most often this procedure is performed by an oculoplastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon.  However, there can be many causes of ptosis and this should be thoroughly evaluated. 

Brow asymmetry can be a corrected with a brow lift to slightly elevate the left brow, but it can sometimes be difficult to obtain perfection.   Before undergoing any corrective measure, you should have a thorough evaluation with a qualified physician to discuss your history in detail and a physical examination to fully understand what is causing your asymmetry. 

Jessica Kulak, MD
Fairfax Facial Plastic Surgeon
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