How to Correct Midline? I Am Missing My Left Lateral Incisor.

I am missing my left lateral incisor, had it removed when I was little. My front teeth shifted about 3mm to the left, I have also noticed my upper lip and nose has also shifted with my teeth. Six months wearing braces.My orthodontist said I could either have one tooth extracted from the opposite side(right) or have my right side teeth file to make 3mm space i need to aligne my mid line. Would either of these options correct my mid line I really want to have a perfect smile and straight nose

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Correcting Midline Caused by Missing Lateral Incisor

It is difficult, based on the single photo provided, what is possible in your specific case. Some general considerations: Have your teeth been overly retracted to fill the space created by a missing lateral incisor? If so, then you can create space to move your midline by torquing your teeth towards your upper lip. Ideal treatment would be to open the space where the lateral incisor is missing and place an implant. Evaluation of the relationship between your upper and lower jaws is critical. If your lower jaw is too far back, it needs to be moved forward. You do NOT want to pull your upper front teeth back to match a lower jaw that is too far back.

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