What Can I Do to Correct This Eye Assymetry? (photo)

I grew up having very normal symmetry between my eyes until 15. I started to frown eyebrows quite a lot and it apparently affected the symmetry between my eyes. One of my eyes has a very intense look that I don't like. I don't really know if it comes from the fact that it is deep set or that I have an excess of skin that could be removed. Please understand that it gives me a harsh look that it is very difficult for me to accept especially since I am ok with my other features apart from this eye

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What Can I Do to Correct This Eye Assymetry?

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Thank you for the photos.  It shows completely different sets of eyelids depending on your eyebrow position.  You are best seeing an eyelid specialist to get the best advice.  You need a dynamic evaluation.

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Eyebrows influence symmetry

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I think your left eyebrow is different to the right and they are low. This may be the reason. From your photos I could not see any asymmetry. See a PS who has a special interest in eyelid and facial surgery and you can get some good advice. You may wish to consider some re balancing with BOTOX 

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Correcting Eye Assymetry

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Looking at the second set of pictures, you do appear to have some differences in how your eyelids sit, and it appears as if the left eyelid may droop a little lower than the right. Botox may help to open the eyes and even things out but I do recommend a full examination of your eyes by either an eyelid specialist or a facial plastic surgeon to get a definite diagnosis and to go from there. “Dr. D”

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Periorbital Rejuvenation

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Your pictures look very different from each other depending on your facial animation.  You should see a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon in your area for a thorough evaluation.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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