How to Correct Deep Tear Trough Folds? (photo)

I'm in my late 30's and definitely see the deep tear trough sunken look more and more these days. I feel like I eat well and exercise regularly so overall am in good health. I have tried to use many of my wife's beauty creams for this as well as trying to even out skin tone but as I quickly found out (and have been reading) there really is no cream for these deep indentions. I'm wondering what recommendations you all would give me based on the photo attached. Thank you.

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The three best options for this issue are fillers, fillers, and fillers.

Azguy, this is best handles by, yes, fillers.  Not any filler.  Restylane is the product.  You need a filler that will hold where it has been placed.  The challenge is finding the right injecting physician.  If you live in the Scottsdale area, you ought to be able to find someone good for this.

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