How to Correct my Deep Labiomental Groove

Hi. In 5 years I've had two fat injections and finally one time skin-fascia graft for my depp groove. Skin-fascia graft seems to work just a little bit while injections did nothing. My problem is beginnig at at the center of the lower lip mostly.Just under the center of the lower lip there is a huge hallow. My plastic surgeon suggested me some type of temporary fillers but im not sure what to do.Should i better use temporary filler or permanent something for the correction of the problem?Thanks

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Fillers for submental groove

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Without seeing photos it is difficult to say,b ut quite commonly I inject fillers( usually temporary) into the crease to soften them.

Facial analysis before cosmetic surgery

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Without a photo or more detailed history your question cannot be answered in this format. Was this a result of trauma and previously normal? Were you born with a congenital deformity? Is there a cleft in the muscles or bone that could be amenable to some other surgical procedure? Is the chin bone retruded?

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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