How to correct constricted or tubular breast without implant? I want the double bubble effect gone. (photo)

My left breast never developed during pregnancy but my right breast did. My right breast also used to look like my left so i know its possible for my left one too. I dont want my right breast touched at aLl and i dont want perminant implants. Is there a way to just clip the constricted tissue and use a tissue expander to loosen it up? Honestly id kind of like it filled alot and removed to sag like the other...i know its weird but it is possible? Also im not financially able to do fat grafting.

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I wouldn't recommend what you're asking to do.  The most predictable results can be obtained with the very surgeries you refuse to have. 

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Unfortunately you cant have it all, I would suggest an anatomic implant or expander to expand your constricted breast and if you wont accept an implant fat or a muscle flap could be used, look at your local plastic surgery training program for economic aesthetic surgery by a resident

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Your constricted breast can be treated using fat injection and release of the breast although only a few people at this time are doing that, and the "take" of the fat may require multiple procedures. Personally, I would place an implant and open up the lower constricted breast and would lift the other breast.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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