How Do I Correct Really Big and Dark Under Eye Bags?

I am 19 years old and my eye bags are horrible. My mother constantly comments that I look older than she does because of them, I also constantly get the "wow! you look really tired" comments and I really hate it. I have tried ice, sleep, and drinking more water, but nothing really seems to help. I'm scared its genetic because my father has the same bags under his eyes only mine seem darker. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how I could fix this problem because its really embarrassing. Thanks!

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Genetic Under Eye Bags

Considering the photo you posted and your young age, this is a genetic trait as you suspected. The orbital septum or wall that holds the normal fat around the eyeball is weak and you probably have an unusually high volume of fat. This leads to the bulging pockets and the dark shadows.

For a long lasting correction you are an ideal patient for a lower lid fat removal or trans-positioning. This is an outpatient surgery with a short recovery. There is usually no pain associated with the surgery but you will be bruised for a week or two.

if done by a competent board certified plastic or oculoplastic surgeon, you will be very happy and look rested and of course, younger than your mother.

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Eye Bags at 19

Thank you for your question about your lower lid eye bags.

  • It is genetic but it can be fixed,
  • Excess lower lid fat causes the bulge,
  • Transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty  (lower lid lift) with release of the orbital septum that helps to cause the bulge gives a nice result,
  • there is no visible scar,
  • Outpatient surgery and a short recovery. Hope this helps!

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