Can I Correct Asymmetrical Nasal Folds with Rhinoplasty?

I have asymmetrical nasal folds which make my smile asymmetrical. the left corner of my mouth doesn't life as high as my right leaving my lip also asymmetrical. The asymmetry appears to start from my nose and in photos my nose is bent to the left hand side of my face. Could rhinoplasty help correct asymmetry in my nasal folds? Thanks,

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Can Rhinoplasty fix asymmetric facial folds

Photos smiling and not...would help in answering your very unusual question.  Facial asymmetry at rest and smiling is not unusual and if pronounced may indicate other issues.  Without pictures, I can't really make any determination.

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Correcting asymmetric nostrils

Asymmetric nostrils are often the result of an asymmetric or crooked tip which is 'pulling' the nostrils and causing crookedness. You mentioned that your nose is crooked in photos, so that is likely what is happening in your case. That can definitely be fixed with rhinoplasty. In addition, some nostril asymmetries can be corrected with a nostril (alar base) narrowing procedure. One thing that is hard to fix is differences in the vertical height at which the nostril attaches to your cheek. That is often due to asymmetries in the facial structure in general and, while much of the nose asymmetry can be improved, there may always be some existing facial asymmetry which is entirely normal for all of us. Good luck in your quest.

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