How to Correct Asymmetrical Jowls and Cheek Muscles?

I have asymmetrical jowls. How can I correct that? I have a bigger jowl on one side of my face and it makes my cheek look larger on thay side. I had an MRI done and it revealed that I have a larger muscle in my right side than my left. What can I do? I considered Sculptra and fat injections, but I'm not sure what to choose. Is there anything else I can do? Also, I want to know how one muscle can develop so much bigger than the other. Is there any other treatment you may recommend?

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Correcting facial asymmetry

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You described several things in your question, all of which require an exam accurately answer your question.

Without the benefit of an exam, the larger muscle could possibly be shrunk with Botox injections. These have been successfully used on people with masseteric hypertrophy.

The larger jowl might be amenable to liposuction, or you could try to enlarge the smaller one with a fat transfer as you mentioned. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon who will evaluate the options.

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