What Can Be Done to Correct and Reduce my Lips?

I had braces as a kid to fix my buck teeth, one of my teeth grew out of my gum. My lips stretched to conform to my teeth, but now my teeth are straight but my lips look awful! The top lip is asymmetrical (lopsided) and its big. My bottom lip is huge and it droops. Ive always wanted to fix this, improve my self esteem, and Im tired of the ridicule and horse mouth jokes. What can I do???

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Lip Reduction for Symmetry and Facial Harmony

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Thank you for posting this important question. Lip reduction can be a very useful procedure to improve the symmetry of the lips and their overall harmony with your other facial features. For my patients, I perform this procedure in my office-based procedure suite with local anesthesia. Working with your qualified facial surgeon, you can choose the right shape and size for your face.

Lip Reduction Can Help

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Lip reductions can be done on one side to acheive better symmetry of your lip. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office. It is effective and can help to address the concern you raised. Thank you.

Lip reduction

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     You may be a very good candidate for lip reduction.  This would give the surgeon the opportunity to correct the large nature of the lips and the asymmetry.  Pictures would be nice to confirm.

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