10 days into LASIK and vision is blurry

I had Lasik 10 days ago today. I see perfectly fine near however, I cannot see any further than 10ft. without it being blurry. I see no improvement day by day. My eyes feel somewhat rested but my vision isn't. I can't drive at night and I won't risk it. During the day I am able to see to the signs etc. For instance the vehicle in front of me, I cannot see the license plate it is a blur. I only saw a difference within the 3rd day and it's been the same since.

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Recovery time

Since it has only been 10 days from your surgery, your eyes have not fully healed.  It is very common to notice glare and halos around lights especially at night and in dim lighting situations.  Generally, it takes anywhere from three to six months for your eyes and vision to stabilize. It is possible that you still have some residual prescription leftover from your surgery.  Your surgeon will monitor your vision and if needed may perform an enhancement around six months.

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