Why is a Coronal Forehead Lift Best for Women?

Is a coronal brow lift a better option for removing frown or scowl lines?

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Coronal brow lift

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Technically, with a coronal brow lift, the incision is made at or near the top (the crown) of the head.  This is not a commonly performed procedures as it can produce a very high forehead.  Most surgeons today prefer the trichophytic hairline brow lift which in my humble opinion produces the most reliable and long-lasting brow lift.

Coronal forehead lift for women

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A coronal forehead lift is performed to address the aging forehead.  This consists of softening the frontalis, corrugator, and procerus muscles of the forehead to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles.  The coronal approach incision can be made either at the hairline or behind the hairline, depending upon where the patient’s preexisting hairline is.  A woman with a high hairline will want to have her hairline brought down so that the bald forehead skin is discarded and the forehead is shortened while the brows are lifted.  Coronal lift is done for both men and woman.

Coronal brow lift versus other options for female brows

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In my opinion and many others, the endoscopic browlift is the best option since it avoids a scar and does not affect the hairline. Endosocpically, you can directly targe the furrow and the scowl lines.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Why is a Coronal Forehead Lift Best for Women?

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The Coronal Brow Lift is the gold standard of Brow Lifts because it works and is reliabvle.  The excess scalp removed is what elevates and hold the eyebrows up, not sutures, hooks or threads that can give way over time.  Women have less hair loss and therefore are more able to hide the incisions placed ~ 3 inches inside the hairline.

Best Forehead Lift for Women

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Coronal forehead lifts are rarely used to treat glabellar scowl or frown lines.  Endoscopic browlifts do not distort the hairline and through this incision the corrugator muscles which cause the wrinkles in between the eyes may be eliminated.  The lateral brow is best addressed through a temproplasty.  A small incision is placed in the temporal region of the scalp to raise the lateral part of the eyebrow.  The hairline is not distorted. 

The above two procedure may be used in women with receding hairlines.  A full coronal brow lift would only be performed if a patient required lowering of her frontal hairline.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

The best forehead lift for women

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  1. coronal lifts are rarely needed
  2. endoscopic lifts will fit the needs for most 
  3. temple lifts and botox are an option
  4. transeyebrow and glabella surgery work well also

Why is a Coronal Forehead Liftt Best for Women?

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It is very rare that a coronal  lift is the best technique for  eyebrow and forehead lifting because an incision from ear to ear is necessary and the hairline is always elevated. Endoscopic brow lifts are less invasive, but they also will raise the hairline. I prefer this approach in patients with low hairlines.  Every month I see patients who are satisfied with their brows after these 2 procedures, but want to lower their elevated hairlines. This is why we developed the Irregular Trichophytic Hairline Incision which enables us to maintain good hairline position with forehead lifting or improve it when necessary.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 40 reviews

Are surgeons still recommending coronal browlifts?

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Are surgeons still recommending coronal browlifts? That is amazing to me, since surgical and non-surgical options are now so superior to the older techniques. To clarify, a coronal browlift involves making an incision across the scalp or along the frontal hariline-- basically from ear to ear. The corrugator muscles(muscles that cause the brow to scowl) are transected. Then, a large section of scalp or forehead skin is removed. This can result in the overdone or "deer in the headlights" look that concerns prospective patients.

The newer technque of performing this procedure endoscopically can also allow for corrugator muscle  weakening, without requiring the removal of scalp tissue. I have been able to perform the endoscopic tecnhique for all patients, even those who have a "high forehead."  The recovery is quicker, the scarring is minimal,and the results are more natural than those of the traditional coronal browlift. I have found my patients to have results that have lasted at least 15 years, so I have not seen and issues with long-term results.

Of course, the non-surgical option of Botox (or other neurotoxin) injections to the corrugator muscles works just as well in most patients, and can also result in a slightly elevated brow (chemical browlift).

Why is a coronal forehead lift best for women?

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A coronal browlift could be said is most beneficial for women because the incision is hidden in the the scalp about an inch above the hairline. However, it should be recommended for those who have short foreheads. The coronal lift widens the forehead. A widened forehead will give the immpression of an older person (receding hairline). So be careful in choosing this type if you already have a wide forehead, unless you are willing to mask it with bangs. I have found that endoscopic lifts do not have the longevity of standard lifts. I hope this helps, Dr. H

Frown Line Treatments

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The concept of removing frown or scowl lines should be modified to that of treating them. There is no truly permanent method of removing them. Their action can be reduced by partial muscle avulsion through either an open (coronal) or closed (endoscopic) browlift. Their are advantages to either approach depending upon other brow and forehead features. Botox still remains as the most effective method of reducing glabellar furrows and frown lines albeit it not permanently.

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